Girl Follows Bliss

Marlaine Weber
  • Branding 100%
  • Layout 100%
  • Web Design 100%

Marlaine Weber

Graphic Designer

LMBnew-logoMarlaine has worked as “Little Miss Bliss” for over ten years. At 40, she decided to go back to school to fulfil her dreams of becoming a graphic designer. In her previous life, she was a French teacher at the TDSB for…well let’s just say, forever. She has now retired from teaching and is enjoying the freelance life to the max!

She is a letterpress enthusiast having taken various courses and completing an internship with a press woman. Marlaine owns her own little Adana 3″x5″ press as well as a HUGE Miele V50 which she hopes to get running [soon!] and create happy, fun ephemera.

Marlaine loves travelling [cruising!!], music, live theatre, and surfing the net. She lives in Pickering with her trusty four-legged co-worker, Griffin.

She truly is following her bliss.


  • Ball Catching 100%
  • Snuggler 100%
  • Jumper 100%


Weirdo Beardo

Griffin came to us one day in September 2010. He is the most hyperactive and loyal dog known to man. He was truly “Daddy’s shadow”.

An amazing guard dog and bed-time snuggler, Griffin rules the roost – including Marlaine most of the time.

He is amazingly co-ordinated and wins the “Dog Biscuit Medal of Honour” for his outstanding skills in ball catching.

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